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Liverpool, Merseyside


Luka's ideal home

Luka is in need of an experienced and active, adult only home. He could potentially live with a well matched female dog and a confident cat. He is house trained and once settled could be left for a couple of hours without worry.

Could you be Luka's perfect match?

Luka may be adorable, but he will need a home with certain boundaries in place as he does show some serious behaviours that will need very careful management in the home. He is currently making good progress in a very experienced foster home and is sharing his space well with a group of female dogs and a savvy cat. He enjoys following the ladies about and being part of the gang, but prefers not to be pestered too much to play, so will need any dogs in his new home to be well matched. Luka has come on leaps and bounds in his foster home, but has a long history of displaying guarding behaviours, and should never be challenged or intimidated if he is feeling threatened. His new family will need to be experienced in managing his guarding and on board for continued training. Luka has a love for adventure and is not a fair weather walker, he is more than happy to get out and explore in all weathers. He travels very well and is happy to be put in the car. Joining his new family on trips and holidays would do him the world of good as this tires him out physically and, equally as important, mentally. If he becomes bored then he could quite easily slip back into old habits so he will need his new family to be active and able to give him plenty of exercise daily. Luka would do best in a quiet home with few visitors or he can get a little yappy! He will need multiple visits from his new family here at the centre before he can head off home, and adopters must be willing to work closely with our training and behaviour team throughout and beyond the adoption process so that Luka can be set up for the best possible success in the future. Luka is a much loved character here at the centre and we would all love to see him head off and enjoy a brighter future. Our training team are always on hand whenever needed.

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 4 months ago
  • Breed Pomeranian
  • Current age 4 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • CentreMerseyside (Liverpool)
  • Sex Male

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